Skaters' hairstyles of the season

Skaters' hairstyles of the season

Postby Jessica » Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:49 pm

The skaters have gone wild with the hair this year, and some of them are so cool that I had to comment on them.
First Ashley Wagner chose that bright red. It definitely sets her apart from the rest of the blondes and brunettes. I wasn’t a fan at first but it looks pretty with the white dress.
Then Adam Rippon tried that bluish grayish thing. I’m not so sure about it but whatever floats his boat is fine with me.
Ksenia Stolbova’s short dark look is an interesting one. She reminds me of Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables, but I do miss her long hair like she had during the Olympic season. (When Les Mis came out I immediately chopped my hair off like that and it was a nightmare; Ksenia looks a lot better than I did).
Also, Adelina Sotnikova has gone blonde after nationals. It doesn’t look the worst because the roots are still dark and it’s a gradual transition (it kind of reminds me of Lipnitskaya’s hair), but I had serious hair envy when she was brunette.

If you have any other comments on hair, please don’t be afraid to post.
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