House Rules

House Rules

Postby siteadmin » Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:44 am

1) New registrants can post right away, but until we are sure you're here to talk skating, a moderator will have to approve each comment.

2) Guests can read only.

3) No commercial posts of any kind are allowed. The fact they are here could make some believe the ISU endorses them.

4) Insulting, offensive or rude language will not be tolerated.

5) Depending on the mood of the moderator, posts which have in some way crossed the line will be either edited or simply deleted. No guarantees which. In other words, don't spend hours typing out an essay and then wonder why the whole thing was deleted because of one swear word.

6) Please don't repeat the same post in multiple threads or even in the same thread. No one wants to read the same thing over and over.

7) Twenty years of experience has shown us that disparaging remarks of any kind, regarding religion, Nationality, race, s*e*x or even body shape.... pretty much guarantees a hostile reaction. Please be careful.

8) There is no such thing as freedom of speech, so please don't claim there is if your post is deleted.

9) Everyone is entitled to an opinion.......critical or not. Explaining "why" you feel some way helps keep the conversation going.

10) English only please.

11) Gossip of a personal nature is not allowed. If it doesn't concern skating and can't be confirmed by a reputable media source, please don't bother posting.

12) Links or paraphrasing are fine. For copyright reasons, please don't quote or copy from other sources or websites
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